Silk Accessories with Soul

Silk has been, is and will continue to be synonymous with luxury, elegance and beauty.
Pepitina Ruiz puts a different way of looking and dressing at your fingertips.

Pañuelos de seda natural


The philosophy of our company revolves around the “Art to Wear”.

Our way of working allows you to create unique and exclusive pieces that can give you that special touch of distinction that will make you different.

Pepitina Ruíz offers a collection of varied and original products whose common denominator is quality, beauty and harmony.

Mantones de Seda Natural pintados a mano


Fashion is a way of self-expression, what we choose to buy and wear defines ourselves in a very direct way.

Our goal is to bring Art to Fashion looking for new forms of expression.

Our proposal is a particular way of dressing against the general, individual versus mass.

Articulos de seda natural pintados a mano


Aware of the importance of the meaning of the gift and the personalization of it, Pepitina Ruíz incorporates into its offer the possibility of doing it in each piece through names, logos, etc …

Wrap silk to whomever you want through a wide range of special gifts tailored to your taste and budget.



Pepitina Ruíz Silk, under the slogan `` Arte en Seda``, is a company-workshop from Jaén dedicated for more than a decade to design and hand-paint all kinds of natural silk by using ancient millenary techniques and always using materials

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