Andalusia is a land of color, of varied perfumes, of wonders. Andalusia is my house and my mother, I am Andalusian, I feel Andalusian and each work that I believe enhances and embodies the thousand wonders of the land that saw me born.

I was born in Pegalajar, a town in the province of Jaén, I grew up with the chance to meet and fall in love with art in its different manifestations, painting (my grandfather was a doctor and painter), music and reading. Later I graduated in law at the faculty of Granada, although I never suspected that my knowledge of law would end up surrounding me with paintings and brushes instead of lawyers and lawsuits.

Sometimes life disguises our destiny so that it is impossible for us to find out what lies behind.

Everything in my life turned with harmony, I had everything I needed and now I think maybe more, since the good always looks better from necessity. The year 1998 I suffered the greatest impasse of my life: breast cancer. That shook my life, my body, my mind and my spirit in such a way that when I came out of that terrible hole I only had eyes to look forward. I looked, but my path was not the same, my path had changed and I would change from now on making me feel the need to live each moment as if it were the last, leaving the trail of what I am so as not to feel that I disappear again. .

I overcame cancer, I suffered and I was lucky to turn that suffering into art.

Sometimes life disguises our destiny … I would never have imagined that the path of thorns that I had just stepped on would now become a path of silk. By chance I came across a piece of naked silk and learned to paint it, from the moment my hands noticed the warmth of the silk I understood, I knewand decidedthat my path was always linked to it. Fascinated by the wonderful world of silk, and in my eagerness to know more about it, I traveled to Madrid to train, learn and perfect the technique to paint it.

If some time ago someone had told me that my life would now be guided by the thin thread of a worm, I would not know it.

In 2003 I carried out a feasibility study at the Women’s Institute and soon I opened my first studio-workshop in Jaén. Since then I have not stopped receiving acknowledgments to my creations. Every achievement, every beautiful word I receive for my work gives me an immense injection of strength and energy to continue creating, to continue fighting and to continue drawing smiles in my clients, because their smiles make mine never go out.

My way of living life, my way of living silk made me understand that every being, every thing in this world is unique and unrepeatable and that it is precisely in this idea where the true beauty of things resides. My company has my name “Pepitina Ruiz” the imprint of my creations is my slogan “Art in Silk” why? Because every piece of me has emerged from something alive: silk, because, just as a sculptor once said about his great work “that was already there, hidden in the rock“, each work of mine has something that makes it different from the rest .

My philosophy is to dress women with works of art, to give something unique to people that is unique, it is a job that has its own form of expression and understanding. I assure you that this feeling is only experienced when you feel the silk on your skin and I can assure you that it is something magical.

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