Our Silk Masks are a success in the market, all of them go through a complex elaboration process that goes from the silk tensioning, the design of the motifs, the fixation of the dye to the silk and its later confection.

Made in an exclusive and unique way, we cannot repeat two of the same, they will always present slight variations.

Ideal for its natural characteristics.

They protect, are breathable, waterproof and do not irritate the skin or increase local humidity on the face. We are even studying the possibility of including them in new designs of respirators to take advantage of their innumerable benefits.

Silk prevents moisture, skin redness and irritation, maintaining the protective effectiveness of the mask for Covid-19.

They are delivered with their approval certificate (Certificate number CE11385, standard UNE 0065)

They have a double layer of 100% waterproof and antibacterial cotton plus another layer of 100% Natural Silk.

MADRID, 27 Sept. 2020 (EUROPA PRESS)

According to a study by the University of Cincinnati (United States) published in the magazine ‘Plos One’, it has been proven that silk masks are comfortable, breathable and manage to repel moisture, a basic feature to fight a virus in the air. In addition, silk contains natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties that could help prevent the virus.

“Cotton traps moisture like a sponge but silk is breathable. It is thinner than cotton and dries very quickly,” said the experts, after testing cotton and polyester fabrics along with several types of silk in order to verify how effective they were in repelling water and, therefore, the droplets that contain the virus.
It has been verified that silk works much better as a moisture barrier than polyester or cotton, since both absorb water drops quickly.

“The current hypothesis is that the coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets. If you use layers of silk, you prevent the drops from penetrating and being absorbed,” the experts have stated.
MADRID, 27 Sept. 2020 (EUROPA PRESS)

Kandinsky Multicolor Hand Painted Silk Handmade Mask
100% natural silk mask from the “Kandinsky” collection

A study by the University of Cincinnati (United States) has concluded that silk masks provide better protection against Covid-19 infection than synthetic or fabric masks, although all are valid. According to it, silk keeps less moisture than cotton and polyester, besides being more breathable. Protection against moisture is also important, since the virus spreads preferably in droplets.

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