Pepitina Ruiz, under the slogan “Art in Silk”is a company dedicated for more than a decade to design and paint by hand all kinds of Natural Silk following oriental millenary techniques and using also natural materials.

The philosophy of this company is to bring Art to Fashion and for this Pepitina Ruiz and her team use the Natural Silk as a canvas and base of expression to create a wide range of UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE products , becoming over the years in a reference of elegance and quality within the sector of Seda Naturalcomplements.

Since its inception, he has participated in numerous EXHIBITIONS, PASARELAS, has collaborated with DESIGNERSand his works have been worn by prestigious personalities.

In 2014 the company Pepitina Ruiz was selected as FINALISTin the NATIONAL HANDCRAFT AWARDS that each year the Ministry of Industry convenes.


The basis of our work is the first quality Natural Silk. According to the garment or the drawing that we are going to make we will use a kind of silk or another: muslin, chiffon, pongee, satin … We advise you.

The Profiling

The profiling of the drawing is done with a natural resin, extracted from a tree called Palladium, called Gutta that applied on the silk, acts as a barrier between the different colors.

The Dyes

Like silk, for color, we use natural dyes and brushes. Therefore, all our garments are anti-allergic.

After applying the colors, they are fixed to the silk by steam in an autoclave. In this part of the process is where the silk acquires its characteristic shine and smoothness.

The customization

The last step, if desired, is the customization of each piece, which together with exquisite and elegant packaging, will surprise you with a gift made with all the love and passion of our workshop.

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