“Silk Art” Hand-painted Natural Silk Fans

Another Original and Elegant Way of Distinction

If you are looking for an online store where to find fans Hand painted in Natural Silk you will find it here in the Pepitina Ruiz Fan section.

Each fan goes through a complex elaboration process that goes from the tensioning and ironing of the Silk, the delimitation of the shape of the fan, its design to its assembly and rodging. Each of them is a unique and exclusive piece, there is no other like it in the world.

The love, effort and care with which each piece is made is what makes one of them a work of art, a special article to give to a mother, a friend etc. in any situation or event.

To give away a fan of Pepitina Ruiz is to give art and elegance, exclusivity and distinction.

The artist feels the magic in each brush stroke that she traces with great care on silk.

Our philosophy is to dress women with works of art, making each fan design unique and exclusive, offering high quality products and sophistication.

This has led to personalities as relevant as: the emeritus queen, Mrs. Sofia, or in the historical visit of Obama to Spain his Silk accessories would show off.

If you visit our sectionCUSTOM MADE You can see many of our products that we can perform only and exclusively for you.

We also love to offer our customers the possibility to personalize their orders with names, phrases or any dedication they consider special.

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