Fashion Catwalk Ja n n September 2005

Catwalk Ja n n 2006

Parade at Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella 2007

Fashion Runway Closing Ja n n 2008

Parade in Fashion Fashion Show at the Hotel Medinaceli (Puerto de Santa MarÃa ) 2009

Pasarela Hotel Condestable Iranzo in Jaén 2009

Fashion Fair Ja n n 2010

Spanish Court Walkway inLisbon 2010.

Artisan Fairof Pedraza Segovia 2015.

Simof 2015.

Catwalk M á laga 2016.

Pasarela Úbeda Flamenk June 2016.


Exhibition Hotel Almenara in Soto Grande Cádiz 2010

Conference and Exhibition at the Real Circulo de la Amistad deCórdoba(April 2012)

Conference and Exhibition at the Hotel M á laga Palacio in May 2012

Exhibition at Joyer í a Gó mez and Molina (Puerto Banús , Marbella) 2012

Exhibitionat the College of Architects of Jaén (November 2012)

Lecture and Exhibition at the Association for thePro-Malaga traditionsLa Coracha” M á laga July 2013

Exhibition at the Bar Association of Ja n n 2013.

In 2014, the Pepitina Company Ru í z Arte en Seda was a finalist in the National Crafts Awards organized by the Ministry of Industry.

Appearance in media


Mª José Ruiz Mateas (Pepitina Ruiz) graduated in Law from the University of Granada.

In the year 2000, she unexpectedly came into contact with the “wonderful world of Silk” through painting and was fascinated by the qualities that this material has as support for painting.

He began his apprenticeship in Jaén but it was in Madrid where he perfected his techniques and knowledge in several studios and academies.

In 2003 he decided to change the toga for brushes and open a company and market their work.

Since then he began to perceive the recognition of his creations and to receive orders not only from different parts of Spain but also from abroad.

He has worked for companies of recognized prestige, for institutions of regional and national scope such as:

Ministries, City Councils, Conserjerías, Professional Associations.

Orders for relevant personalities.

The philosophy of your company from the first moment has been and continues to be to bring art to fashion

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