Hand-painted silk fan with Swarovski crystals, air of lights

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  • Silk fan with Swarovski crystals, belongs to the collection air of lights.
  • Measurements: Large size (27cms) Pericon model.

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  • Silk Fan with Swarovski Crystals.
  • Mounted on bocapí wood and polished on both sides.
  • It belongs to the Luxury Swarovski collection and the Air of Lights collection.
  • Large size (27 cms) Pericon model.
  • Theme: It belongs to the collection Air of lights, this fan is decorated with a filigree inspired by the embroideries of the bullfighters suits, the filigree is made of gutta gilded forming an arcade that is all decorated with Swarovski crystals in the center of the flowers on a pure magenta background. The fuchsia and gold colours evoke the bullfighter’s cape and the albero’s gold and glorious evenings in the bullring.
  • Possibility of customization, we can add a name, frse or special dedication if you wish.
  • Very elegant and sophisticated piece.
  • Packaging: Luxury handmade box lined with Geltex paper with explanatory booklet with product quality guarantee and suede bag for product protection.
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