Silk fan hand painted poppy red

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  • Hand-painted silk fan in red tones with poppy decoration.
  • Large size (27 cms) Pericon model.
  • Mounted on bocapí wood and polished on both sides.
  • Tissue: Crepe Satin.
  • We can personalize it with a special name, date or phrase.

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  • Hand painted silk fan in red tones.
  • Type of Silk used: Satin Crepe.
  • The measures of the fan is of big size model Pericón (27 cms)
  • Fan mounted on bocapí wood polished on both sides.
  • This hand-painted Silk Fan belongs to the Natura collection in which we are inspired by nature motifs, flowers, leaves and colors of the different seasons of the year. In this fan we have been inspired by spring so we use strong colors such as red with a little yellow and orange that gives that light to poppies, the greens used in the leaves are also strong.
  • Theme: Decoration of red poppies with lanceolate leaves in pistachio green evoking spring. Poppies are arranged in such a way that they give the sensation of movement.
  • Luxury finish with braided ivory tassel and washer.
  • Packaging: el abanico va delicadamente envuelto en una caja artesanal de lujo con logotipo impreso forrada de papel Geltex, en su interior lleva papel vegetal y un librito con la garantía de calidad del producto.


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