Hand-painted Silk Scarf with Swarovski Crystals decorated with Orchids

150,00 IVA Incluido

  • Hand-painted silk scarf with Swarovski crystals.
  • Tissue: Crepe Satin.
  • Measurements: 180×45 cms.

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  • Hand painted silk scarf with natural dyes.
  • Measurements: 180×45 cms
  • Hand trimmed with silk thread
  • Tissue: Crepe Satín
  • Belongs to the new collection Luxury Swarovski
  • Theme: In this scarf we are inspired again in nature, two huge orchids unfold in this scarf with very strong colors where red yellows and oranges predominate, which in turn contrast with the green pétrol and jade of the elongated leaves that are born around them. It has incorporated incrustations of Swarovski crystals that give elegance and sophistication, a unique and exclusive piece to give away, ideal for special occasions such as events, anniversaries, birthdays, golden weddings etc …
  • Packaging: Luxury handmade box lined with Geltex paper with an explanatory booklet on the care and treatment of silk and quality certificate.


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