Hand-painted silk scarf with mixed leaf decoration

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  • Silk scarf hand painted with mixed autumn leaves.
  • Measures: 180×45 cms.
  • Type of silk: Pongée or Habotai.
  • Optional customization without additional cost.
  • Packaging: box and certificate of handmade product made in Jaén (Spain).
  • We make the matching fan on request.

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  • Hand painted silk scarf decorated with mixed autumn leaves.
  • Type of silk: Pongée or Habotai.
  • Silk scarf hand painted and handcrafted with Silk thread.
  • Scarf measurements: 180×45 cms.
  • Possibility of doing it in different sizes and prices.
  • Silk scarf edged by hand with silk thread.
  • Theme: It belongs to the “Natura” collection designed with mixed autumn leaves of different types.
  • All the leaves are different from each other, there are false banana, Adam’s rib and lanceolate.
  • A very elegant and sophisticated piece that combines perfectly with any look.
  • Its design is delimited with a special gutta of golden color.
  • The colors of the leaves are reminiscent of autumn, softer green tones combined with earth tones.
  • Packaging: The scarf is presented in a black case with an explanatory booklet on the treatment, care and washing of silk, as well as a certificate of authenticity of the product of being a silk scarf hand-painted with natural dyes following ancient oriental techniques and steam fixed.
  • Technique used: Steam fixation, for more than 3 hours in a special autoclave.
  • The Silk is 100% Natural free of size, to be able to paint it correctly it must not have size.
  • The silk is stretched in racks and the design is carried out with special pencils.
  • Later this drawing is delimited with what we call “Gutta” a special resin whose purpose is to prevent the dye from coming out.
  • Painted by hand using natural dyes and brushes, our dyes do not contain chemicals, they are totally natural products.
  • Personalization: We can personalize it as a gift with a phrase, name or special dedication at no added cost.
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