Fan with Swarovski crystals decorated with red flowers and mauves


  • Natural Silk Fan with Swarovski crystals incrustations.
  • Measurements: Large size (27 cms) Pericon model.

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  • Fan with hand-painted Natural Silk Swarovski crystals
  • It belongs to the Luxury Swarovski collection.
  • Measurements: Large size (27 cms) Pericon model.
  • Tissue: Crepe Satin.
  • Mounted on bocapí wood and polished on both sides.
  • Theme: Inspired by nature, this fan represents three different types of flowers, in mauve and red colors with decoration of some lanceolate leaves in green tones.
  • This fan with Swarovski crystals also has some additional complements: washer and tassel that make it a very elegant and sophisticated piece.
  • We can personalize it with a name, phrase, dedication or special date if you wish. It is an ideal gift for any event or special occasion.
  • Packaging: Luxury handmade box lined with Geltex paper with explanatory booklet with product quality guarantee and suede bag for product protection.