Handmade silk mask in hand-painted shades

  • Handcrafted silk mask with hand-painted shades.
  • Medium size: 20 cm long x 8 cm wide and open 15 cm high.
  • It has an approval certificate.
  • We give you the customization of it if you wish, write a name, a phrase or a special date.
  • * The image of the model may not correspond to the mask that is for sale since each piece is unique and exclusive.

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  • Handmade silk mask in hand painted in shades of blurred coral.
  • Medium size mask: 20 cm long x 8 cm wide and open 15 cm high.
  • Hand painted with natural dyes and steamed for more than 3 hours.
  • Elaborated following an ancient oriental technique step by step, stretched painted with natural dyes and steam fixation.
  • Our masks are made one by one so there are no two alike.
  • They are unique and exclusive pieces.
  • Handmade handmade silk mask.
  • They have a double layer, the exterior is silk and the interior is cotton.
  • It adapts perfectly to the face, the folds allow the mask to be opened, making it especially comfortable.
  • They are customizable, we can personalize them with a name, date or special phrase without added cost.
  • They can be washed without problem, in the product specifications these recommendations are specified.
  • Approved (please read the product specifications)
  • * Steam ironing is recommended before use for added protection.
  • Packaging: The mask is protected in a plastic envelope and in a black case it also has a 100% cotton bag to store it.
  • Inside it carries the product approval certificate.
  • We remind our clients that its customization is completely free.
  • If you want to know other products that we have made, visit our section TO ORDER.

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