Maxifular Silk Hand Painted Grey Magnolias

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  • Hand-painted silk maxifular of grey magnolias.
  • Measures: 180×70 cms
  • Silk Type:Chiffon Gauze
  • Possibility of customization

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  • Hand-painted silk maxifular of grey magnolias on a dark mauve background.
  • Silk Type: Chiffon Gauze.
  • Measures: 180×70 cms.
  • Theme: It belongs to the Natura collection with large Magnolias decorated in shades of grey, pink and green on a dark mauve background and lanceolate leaves in spring green tones.
  • Personalization, we can personalize it for gift with a name, phrase or special dedication.
  • Packaging: Handcrafted box lined with Geltex paper with the company’s logo, vegetable paper inside to protect the piece and an explanatory booklet with a guarantee of quality, treatment and washing of the Silk.


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