Hand-painted silk fan with Kandinsky inspired decoration

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  • Hand painted silk fan.
  • Tissue: Crepe Satin.
  • Large Size 27 cms.
  • Mounted on bocapí wood.

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  • Hand-painted silk fan inspired by the famous painter Vasili Kandinski.
  • Size: Large model Pericón (27 cms)
  • Tissue: Crepe Satin.
  • Mounted on bocapí wood and polished on both sides.
  • It belongs to our Kandinsky collection, in which we were inspired by the famous geometric and random forms of this brilliant painter.
  • Theme: Randomly intertwined geometric shapes with intense colours and contrasting with each other with soft fades.
  • Luxury finish with braided ivory tassel and washer.
  • Packaging: Luxury handmade box with printed logo, vegetable paper and booklet with the guarantee of product quality.


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