Hand-painted silk fan in nudé tones

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  • Silk fan painted by hand in nudés tones.
  • Large size 27 cms.
  • Tissue: Crepe Satin.
  • Optional customization without additional cost.

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  • Hand-painted silk fan in nudés, green and mauve tones.
  • Tissue: Crepe Satin.
  • Measurements: Large size 27 cms.
  • Silk fan painted by hand with natural dyes and brushes and steamed for three hours.
  • Mounted in Bocapí noble wood, polished on both sides.
  • Additional accessories: Washer and tassel.
  • Theme: It belongs to the Kandinsky collection, it represents an arcade that covers the top of the fan with geometric shapes in nudés, green and mauve tones.
  • Packaging: The fan is protected inside a suede bag with string that facilitates its closure and in turn wrapped in vegetable paper that goes inside a craft box lined with Geltex paper.
  • Personalization: We can personalize it as a gift with a special name, phrase or dedication at no additional cost.
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