Hand-painted silk fan Kandinsky multicolor

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  • Hand-painted silk fan with ribbing in multicoloured shades.
  • Belongs to the Kandinsky collection, predominantly red and green tones.
  • Small size (19 cms), ideal for storing in any bag.
  • Silk Type: Satin Crepe.
  • Optional customization without additional cost.
  • Packaging: Black case with company logo, suede cover and product certificate made in Jaén (Spain).
  • Ideal as a complement to the mask.

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  • Hand-painted silk fan in small size in various shades, inspired by Kandisnky.
  • Silk used: Satin Crepe, weight 16, the satin gives the fan a greater consistency.
  • Fan small complement of the mask, measures: 19 cms.
  • Para una mayor consistencia del ventilador.
  • Small silk fan, hand painted and hand-ribbed in bocapi wood, polished on both sides.
  • It belongs to our “Kandinsky” Collection, a representation of random geometrical shapes in different multicoloured shades, predominantly red and pistachio
  • Our fans are unique and exclusive pieces, there are no two pieces alike.
  • Shades of red and green predominate.
  • Packaging: the fan is protected in a black case with the company’s logo and at the same time it is kept inside a suede bag.
  • Inside it carries a certificate of authenticity of being a product painted by hand with natural dyes and made in Jaén (Spain).
  • Personalization: If you wish, we can personalize it with a name, date, phrase or special dedication at no added cost.
  • Technique: the technique used is steam fixation. The fan is painted on natural silk following an ancient oriental technique.
  • The process begins with the silk tensioning on the frames, once tensioned here, proceed to delimit the shape of the fan and its design with special pencils.
  • Once the design is done, the lines drawn with the “Gutta” will be delimited, the special resin that we use so that the dye does not escape and by which the drawing is deformed.
  • Once the “Gutta” has dried (it must be dried naturally) it is painted with specific brushes for silk and natural dyes.
  • Completion of the process: Steam fixation for more than 3 hours and subsequent hand-drawn rod of the fan.
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